Get the most out of your website build

Some less than gentle, counter intuitive words of advice

Be ruthless. You have limited time and money. If something on your website doesn’t support your strategy – don’t do it just because all the cool kids are doing it.

Be realistic. It’s okay to admit you can’t do everything especially if you are busy running your business or department solo. Don’t say you’ll write a blog every week if the last time you put pen to paper was in high school. Don’t say you’ll respond to all emails in 3 hours if you know it will take 3 days. Set reasonable expectations for your customers and everyone will be happier.

Be lazy. Computers are great at doing repetitive tasks quickly. If you find yourself doing something that is dull and repetitive in your business (e.g. posting a link to your website to Facebook, then tweeting; sending out emails to tell customers their order has shipped), ask yourself, is this something my website could be doing for me.

Be proud. Make sure everyone knows about your business and products. Give them a reason to visit your website (coupons, special offers, free info). Ask your customers for testimonials and referrals. Talk about it on social media. Make YouTube videos of you in action.

Be skeptical. Just because something is all the rage or you read on the web that it is the latest thing, it doesn’t mean it will work for your business and your customers. Luckily your website comes with all sorts of ways to test and measure your theories.

Be flexible. This is the flip side of being realistic. Your website can grow and change with your business and customers. Start small and grow big. Roll out new features in stages that are sustainable.

Keep your eye on the prize: This is important enough to say twice. Don’t forget about why you wanted a website in the first place – make sure your website serves its purpose and furthers your goals.

And last but not least . . .

Don’t blow your whole budget on your website developer’s fee: While this piece of advice is not in PECTOPAH‘s interest, too often clients forget to hold back some money (and energy and time too) for marketing and promotion.

Good luck. We’d love to help.

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